The Center Township Trustee’s Office provides emergency assistance to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. Any individuals needing assistance or having any questions should contact us at 317-633-3610. Please be patient due to high call volume.


Who is Eligible for Township Assistance?

In order to be eligible to receive Township assistance, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Live in Center Township
  2. Be in need of basic necessities.
  3. Have little or no income or assets.
  4. Be willing to help yourself as much as possible.

If we cannot assist you, we will always try to provide you with information/referrals to an agency or organization that may be able to provide the help you need.

Required Documentation


What information must I have to apply?

  1. Photo I.D.
  2. Social Security card (s) for each member.
  3. Verification of income and assets.
  4. Receipts for payments made or verification of  bills you owe.  Normally we need to review your income and expenses for the preceding month.  For utility assistance, we may ask for income and expense documentation starting a month before the date of the first unpaid utility bill.

Application Process


How do I apply for assistance?

You must come to our office and fill out the application form and a caseworker will interview you.  The application is a legal affidavit and must state your situation as accurately and completely as possible.  There are criminal penalties for deliberately giving false information.  The head of household usually signs the application.

No appointments are necessary (or given); applications are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

What happens after the application?

In most situations it will be necessary to make a home visit before assistance can be granted. If a decision cannot be made on your case at the time you apply, you will be given a “Notice of Pending Case Form” which will tell you when your home visit will be made and what additional paperwork you will have to have ready for the caseworker.

If the Trustee’s Office determines you are not eligible for assistance, you will be given a “Notice of Township Assistance Action” which is a written statement explaining the decision and the reasons for it. It also explains how to appeal our decision.

What is a "Family Eligibility Analysis"?

It is just a review of your recent financial situation.  First, we look at your income and assets for the preceding month.  Then we compare it with the "Monthly Maximum Income Allowed".  Then we look at the receipts of how you spent your money, and we also look at the unpaid bills that are due.  We will then help with the basic necessities of life if you can show that you cannot pay (or arrange) for them. We may refer you to another agency for the needed assistance.

2022 Income & Assistance Guidelines


What happens at a home visit?

A caseworker comes out to your residence to further discuss your situation and to check the papers that perhaps you did not have when you first applied.  Home visits are usually made the next morning after you apply.  In most cases, the caseworker will make a decision at the time of the home visit to either recommend assistance or to deny it.  If the assistance is authorized, the caseworker will instruct you to return to the office to pickup or sign the "vouchers" (purchase orders) for the approved assistance.

The caseworker will also check out the condition of your housing.  The Trustee will not pay rent or utilities for housing that does not meet basic health and safety codes.