Assistance is provided to eligible applicants in the following categories:


Housing assistance for rent or mortgage can be provided if applicants meet the eligibility requirements. Shelters or missions are available depending on household size and length of assistance needed. Verification is required.


Assistance can be provided for current utility bills as long as the bill is in the applicant's name and applicant's residence is current. Verification will be required.


Food vouchers can be provided for households not receiving food stamps and meet eligibility requirements. Food stamps are not supplemented unless for specific emergencies. Verification is required and some restrictions do apply.


Short term public transportation assistance can be provided for those eligible to maintain employment prior to receipt of first paycheck. Verification is required.


Assistance is available for deceased family members who lived in Center township and meet eligibility requirements

Traveler's Aid

Assistance can be provided for qualifying applicants stranded in Indianapolis and need help returning to legal residence within the U. S. by means of a one way bus ticket. Restrictions do apply.

Payee Representative Program

Township can provide assistance through a payee representative for applicants eligible to receive SSI but are unable to manage their income.

School Uniform Voucher Program

Due to COVID-19 pandemic our school uniform program will not take place in 2020.
School Clothing vouchers are provided for eligible students attending Public, Private, and Charter Schools for grades 1-12 and live within the boundaries of Center Township.

Additional Resources

In an effort to reduce the amount of time one has to spend seeking assistance, the Center Township Trustee's Office has provided the following agencies at the 863 Massachusetts Avenue location

The primary mission of Center Township Trustee's Office is to provide emergency and short-term assistance to the poor and needy, to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and to help clients become self-sufficient.
We will be fiscally responsible and accountable to the public.